Sawn timber

Our core business is primary processing of wood and production of sawn fir and spruce timber of all dimensions, thickness, width and length. Thanks to the primary technical processing and good quality raw materials, we are able to adjust our production assortment to the desires and demands of our customers.

Rezana građa

Raw materials used for production of sawn fir and spruce timber comes from the areas of the western parts of Republika Srpska and BiH, with a high quality tradition. The quality of our products has also been confirmed by the FSC® (FSC-C109944) Certificate.

Wood biomass

Wood chips or small pieces of wood are obtained after cutting, where an unused part of logs is ground and turned into wood chips. Wood chips is used as energy and it can be applied in furnaces of 50 KW to 10 MW power. Its combustion is efficient and it is put into the same energy level with oil and gas, while its price is cheaper.

Drvna biomasa

We also offer sawdust and burk. Caloric value, economic cost-effectiveness, environmental safety and simplicity of sawdust usage are the main advantages of this energy while bark is cheaper than pellet and briquette and particularly cheaper than heavy fuel oil, fuel oil and gas.