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  • Nomar d.o.o.

Gavrila Principa 19
78 230 Kneževo
Republika Srpska
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel: +387 51 591 000
Fax: + 357 51 591 100

If you are looking for a job, we are looking for you!

It is employees that turn company into a success. This is why the FAGUS Group pays a lot of attention to the selection of good quality staff and their subsequent practical and theoretical development. We are dedicated to investing into knowledge and skills of our employees, in order to create them and maintain a highly competent, capable, efficient and motivated staff. The FAGUS Group enjoys the trust of citizens, as an employer ensuring positive working environment, safety, good environment for work and development.

If you are of a positive spirit, open, flexible, a team player and business-like, join us!

Send your job enquiry at e-mail and become a part of a successful team!

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